Abhishek Gopalka

Abhishek Gopalka

Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group, New Delhi

Abhishek Gopalka is a Managing Director and Partner in the New Delhi office of Boston Consulting Group. He is a senior leader in the Social Impact and Public Sector practices, and has more than 12 years of experience working with governments, foundations, international institutions, NGOs, and the private sector.

Abhishek has deep expertise in large-scale transformation of public delivery systems to drive citizen outcomes. He has significant experience with developing and implementing strategies for transforming public sector areas, including governance, public health, public school education, nutrition and water.

He has worked across multiple geographies, including India and the US.

Abhishek’s TED@BCG talk in 2019 focused on how social accountability can be a driver for motivating personnel in public sector delivery systems, like those for healthcare and education.

Prior to working at BCG, Abhishek was a Principal with Booz & Company, where he was focused on strategy development within healthcare and social impact.
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