Dr. Atul Sud

Dr. Atul Sud

Director Government, Regulatory & Legal Affairs- Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt.Ltd. & President WeCare

Perfetti Van Melle India: (Director Legal & Regulatory Affairs) I have been actively involved in implementation of new transformation project aimed at driving business results while achieving operational efficiencies by reducing overheads. Most importantly my task was to align the team with the overall Company’s objective viz-a-viz growth & profitability.

I am also responsible for managing CSR activities on behalf of the Company. In this new role I have focused on defining a clear policy, including elucidating “Vision and Mission” statement for the Company. I have also identified clear areas for the company to focus its energies on viz. Environment, Education and Access to clean Water. Our efforts on this front have been duly recognized and awarded for some of the “Best Practices in CSR”.

I have also been fortunate in leading India’s first consortium on Plastic Waste Management (WeCare). Our collective efforts in undertaking first EPR project, on a limited scale, has set the standards before the industry and has now become the base and the benchmark for the central and state government agencies for development of a National EPR Framework. Through our concerted efforts, we were able to persuade MOEFCC to bring about a change in the Regulations that allowed the industry to continue to use MLP as a packaging material. We continue to work with national/state/private bodies in helping create awareness on this issue and in shaping practical approach in implementing these regulations.

Previously have worked with –
  • Mylan Laboratories Ltd (SVP & General Counsel India and Emerging Markets);
  • METRO Cash & Carry India Pvt. Ltd. (Head Legal and Compliance – Region Asia);
  • CitiFinancial India (VP and Head Legal)
  • Some of my ACHIEVEMENTS include:

    Harvard Law School - Summer Learning Forum 2007- Program on Negotiation

    METRO HARVARD “LEAP”– Leadership and Business Excellence Development Program

    ICCA : Recognized for contributions made as in-house counsel and commendation received at House of Lords, UK- 2018.
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