Key topics being discussed this year

  • Sustainability and Business Resilience
  • Decarbonization
  • Green Mobility and Infrastructure
  • Climate change and carbon credits
  • Enrich 2030: The Net Zero Future
  • ESG implications of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Creating a more sustainable world through Technology
  • Time to Transform: How business can lead the transformations needed to realize the SDGs
  • Building Back Better for All: Anchoring the 2030 Agenda in national development plans and strategies
  • The Business Case for Stepping up the Sustainability game post the pandemic
  • Power Disrupted: Pathways for decarbonizing energy and resources
  • Surge in Sustainable investing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
  • The Butterfly Effect: Looking to the stars and celebrities to make the SDGs viral

The Attendees

Times of India Group boasts a formidable network of national and international partners. The SDGs Action Platform would be attended by 1000+ global delegates across government, media, talent, civil society, academia, policy, NGOs, and corporates to spotlight Indian and international problem solvers, storytellers, thought shapers, global leaders and renegades with a cause who are committed to achieving the SDGs.

Whilst not a celebrity driven event, popular culture stars will be interspersed in the event, especially celebrities who are committed to specific causes. The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals are our collective response to building a fair globalization in a post Covid world, and it is up to us ensure global growth is equitable and sustainable and we Build Back Better!