Deepak Aggarwal

Founder & Managing Director, Kazo

Mr. Deepak Aggarwal, with over 25 years of experience is a pioneer of the Fashion Industry. He has combined the talent of all brackets to redefine the meaning of fashion, which isn't just about looks but an individualistic style. He was always interested in business and creating something out of the ordinary. As a result, while still a college student, Mr Aggarwal decided to start his own business and founded BL International in 1991. Moving forward, his business journey began, and in no time, he was awarded the title of young entrepreneur with the highest export sales by AEPC.

When his unique designs and supplies gained popularity in European countries, he launched KAZO, a high-street international western brand, in 2007. Mr. Aggarwal has established KAZO as a premium brand through his belief in providing opportunities to young talent, innovation, and impeccable management skills. He has always believed in creating leaders rather than chartering them, and this
philosophy has led to his company's success