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The Economic Times Net Zero Summit: Mainstreaming NET-ZERO: Innovation, Growth and Transition

The SDGs Action Platform in its 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions witnessed the largest global gathering of changemakers, individuals and organizations who have championed sustainability, celebrities and influential personalities who have a led their voice to the cause and members of the civil society dedicated to attaining the SDGs in a timely manner and path towards ESG’s and Net Zero Emissions. Going forward an exclusive event on Net Zero is planned in December.

With the theme Mainstreaming NET-ZERO: Innovation, Growth and Transition, the ET Net Zero Summit would focus on:

1. Innovation
The target of achieving net zero emissions by 2050 requires deep cuts in emissions in sectors where decarbonisation is a complex challenge, such as heating, transport, cement and steel industries, aviation, and food. This calls for much faster innovation. Most technologies required to achieve net zero emissions already exist in varying degrees of maturity but Innovation in this context refers to fast deployment rather than the invention of brand-new ideas.
2. Growth
Rapidly growing number of national governments, local government and business leaders are making commitments to reach net-zero emissions within their jurisdictions or businesses. To grow, Policy, investment and behaviour need to shift.
3. Transition
To succeed with the transition to a net-zero society is by collaborating across industries and sectors, societies and borders – taking action together and scaling solutions, advocating for policy changes and leading by example.

The upcoming Net Zero summit aims to assist businesses towards more environment friendly practices by tracking and reducing emissions through Net Zero.

The summit will convene leaders from government, business, international organizations and civil society along with a diverse group of experts and innovators to initiate, accelerate and scale-up entrepreneurial solutions to tackle climate change and advance sustainable development.

The deliberation at the summit will help to understand the steps to net zero, learn from climate leaders globally and implement effective measures in your organisation.

Net Zero portal launch

As part of the benchmark event of the year; SDG and Net Zero Summit, wherein we will launch a Net Zero portal to track, monitor and maintain momentum of top Indian companies. The commitment to NetZero is rising and there is a need to educate businesses on what it implies. As the world will ring in the fifth anniversary of Paris Agreement and pledge to double its efforts of working towards climate changes, India should also contribute towards creating a healthy environment. The portal launch will help more companies to come on board with the Net Zero mission and commit to curtailing global warming. The portal will also help identify the senior leaders and their contribution towards transforming to a 1.5-degree world.


What can you expect?

  • Immersive full day conference covering macro and micro issues which have been brought to the forefront towards achieving net zero targets.
  • Focused Roundtable Discussions and break away panel discussions on what best practices can be used in implementing net zero actions – energy efficiency, electrification, building human capacity and more
  • B2G dialogues and virtual meetings to identify potential areas of cooperation and working together
  • Pledge session highlighting the top businesses and conglomerates and their commitment for a better planet and Net Zero Emissions

The Attendees

Times of India Group boasts a formidable network of national and international partners. The upcoming Net Zero summit would be attended by 1000+ global delegates across government, media, talent, civil society, academia, policy, NGOs, and corporates to spotlight Indian and international problem solvers, storytellers, thought shapers, global leaders and renegades with a cause who are committed to achieving the Net Zero Emissions.

The Event in Numbers

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