Virtual Summit

The Economic Times Global Sustainability Congress
Series – Water & Waste

With the theme “Reducing Water & Waste Stress by 2050” the virtual summit will initiate thought provoking discussions and advocate for SDG-6, water technology innovation, waste management and new scientific practices for business growth. Water is an economically strategic resource and a core element of natural capital underpinning many business activities. A combined technological approach, based on the state-of-the-art in science and technology, may offer a solution to several developments, within business and society, with a worldwide impact on the demand for and use of water.

The deliberations will revolve around water use management, waste management, technology update, water infrastructure, financing opportunities and profitable partnerships. We bring together business, government and finance groups, supported by academics and expert practitioners, to tackle challenges they could not solve alone.

What can you expect?

  • Immersive full day conference covering macro and micro issues which have been brought to the forefront towards achieving net zero targets.
  • Focused Roundtable Discussions and break away panel discussions on what best practices can be used in implementing net zero actions – energy efficiency, electrification, building human capacity and more
  • B2G dialogues and virtual meetings to identify potential areas of cooperation and working together
  • Pledge session highlighting the top businesses and conglomerates and their commitment for a better planet and Net Zero Emissions

Key Highlights

The Attendees

Water Technology Providers

Irrigation Companies

Water Utilities




UN Experts

Solution Providers

Development Banks

Policy And Decision Makers

Water Infrastructure Developers

Sustainability Experts

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